Gingerly ginger

Ready-to-use carbon-free ginger drink

Spicy and full of flavour

Beneficial effect of the juices on everyday ailments

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Gingerly is a non-carbonated ginger drink. This ready-made ginger drink is spicy and full of flavour.

Ginger is a root with a pungent taste. It has a beneficial effect on everyday ailments such as; nausea, headache and intestinal complaints.

The enthusiasts love the sharpness and the burning effect in the throat.

There are various ginger soft drinks on the market such as; Bundaberg, Old Jamaican or Fevertree Gingerbeer. All of these drinks are carbonated. Gingerly is not only distinctive on that basis, but also the concentration of the ginger juice does not come close.

Delicious cock- or mocktails can be made from this drink.

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